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All Saints Church, Witley, Surrey

We plough the fields and scatter...

When these Witley parish villages were truly a rural area the farmers no doubt regularly 'ploughed the fields and scattered the good seeds on the land' and the harvest was very important each year. Once all the crops were safely gathered in, ready for winter the Harvest thanksgiving must have been a really big occasion. These days the four seasons are not as relevant as they were. We can have all foods throughout the year and most things are accessible to us, if we can find them on the internet. We may not see the crops harvested in Witley, but we still need to be grateful for 'all good things around us'.

Saying thank you is one of the most important things we can do in our daily life. At harvest time, our thoughts are concentrated for a short time on being thankful, but we should be thankful every day and often. It's good to stop on occasions and count our blessings. It's so much easier to find things wrong than to realise how many good things we take for granted. 'We thank the Lord, we thank the Lord, for all his love'.

Each day, before we leave home in the morning, we have experienced very many of God's gifts and possibly hardly noticed. Most of us will have woken up in a comfortable bed, in a secure and weatherproof house, with freedom to go wherever we want to go in peace. We will be able to choose clothes appropriate for the day. We have the option of a hot or cold drink, and something to eat, followed by a means of transport and communication system that will take us where we need to go. All of this is a reason to say 'thank you God' before we even leave the house in the morning.

We can also remember that many people near and far are missing out on at least one of these things. At our Harvest Service we will be collecting items for the Food Bank in Godalming to help provide for those people locally who have fallen on hard times.

Thank you is one of the first things that children are taught and rightly so, because simple gratitude is not only polite, it makes others happy and improves relationships.

We should say thank you to our families and friends, those we see often and those further away.

Many people over the years have been grateful for All Saints church and community and they have said 'thank you' in many different ways. Some by giving donations or legacies to the church, some by giving their time or their skills and all through their very presence to worship and praise the Lord.

As an expression of our thanks to God 'for all things bright and good', 'our life, our health our food' and for our lives in general, we celebrate Harvest Festival at the beginning of October on Sunday 7th at the All Saints Together service.

Next month we will be celebrating the birthday of the church and holding a Gift day, but in October, 'we thank the Lord, we thank the Lord, for all his love'

Sunday 7th October 9.45am - We will be hearing about the harvest of many things in The Child of Hope School in Uganda and seeing some photos of how 500 children and their families benefit from that harvest day by day. Everyone welcome


James & Ann will be outside Church all day (from 11.15am until dark) to receive your donations

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Our beautiful medieval church is a joy to all who come inside to worship or just to experience the calm atmosphere of an ancient building.

On Sunday 4 November All Saints Witley will be celebrating All Saints day which is our patronal festival and in many ways this is the birthday of our Church - so please make a date to come and celebrate with us and enjoy the wonderful building and community that is All Saints Witley.

As we celebrate we remember that this is our heritage and we have a responsibility to maintain it for the present and future generations.

The money is all donated, we have no other source of income. In other words, it all has to come from local people.
Many people give regularly to the church and their contributions are very gratefully received and help us to budget carefully.

Gift Day is an opportunity for everyone and anyone to come along and put a donation in the box. Any amount is welcome and 'Gift-aided' means the government will also be donating to All Saints.
There will be an opportunity to visit the Bell Tower and see how the organ works at various advertised times starting at 11.30.

James and Ann will appreciate your visit to make this All Saints Sunday a sunny one.
  • Tower visits
  • Organ Tours

Q. Who pays for the Church?
A. The money comes from voluntary contributions

Q. How much does the Church of England contribute?
A. Nothing

Q. Who maintains this Grade 1 listed building?
A. We do, no one else contributes anything

Q. Who is we?
A. The Churchwardens and the Parochial Church Council

Q. Are there any grants available?
A. Yes sometimes for major work but not for routine maintenance

Q. How much does it cost to keep the church up and running
A. £2200 per Week

Q. Whatever do you spend it all on?
A. 60% goes to Guildford Diocese towards the cost of a full time priest

Q. And the remaining £880 per week?
A. Heat, light, insurance, supplies, ongoing maintenance, administration, children's work, training, expenses and supplies for services

Q. How do you get enough money?
A. Regular donations, occasional donations, one-off donations, fund-raising and GIFT DAY

Q. What can I do?
A. Come to Gift Day and donate then sign up to regular giving


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All Saints Church has a huge wooden door, which, while being very old and attractive in its own way can be a physical barrier to those who have never entered All Saints before - don't let it be like that. Turn the handle, push the door and come in, all are welcome. Inside you will find a building that is filled with the prayers of 1000 years, a wall painting that is 900 years old, a 700-year-old Lady Chapel with medieval stained glass, signs of the conflict in the 16th and 17th century with an unfinished memorial tablet in the sanctuary and several other family memorials. The 18th century put in a gallery which was removed by the Victorians who added so much more, including a whole aisle on the North Side. The Victorians with three generations of Chandler Vicars built the organ, the bell tower and the vestry. They refurbished the chancel ceiling, floor and altar and put up memorials to the eminent people of the day as they passed on. The beginning of the 20th century completed the collection of stained glass windows and introduced the pews we have now, instead of the previous box pews. All Saints is full of history reflecting the needs of the generations who have worshipped here before us. There have been many changes in the past few years which help us now to use the church on a daily basis for many different groups. There is a children's trail available with many interesting things to find out and see.

Please do come inside and explore and have time for yourself, the church is open in daylight hours. Or come and meet with others to worship or chat everyone is welcome.

If anyone would like to speak to Ann, please ring or email and we will endeavour to meet you as soon as we can.

The All Saints Parish Office, is in the grounds of Witley Infant School, opposite the Church.

Wishing you every blessing

James McKeran         Ann Fraser
                       James McKeran                                     Ann Fraser

The parish of Witley is made up of the villages of Witley, Brook, Wormley and Sandhills. The Parish Church of All Saints dates from about 1040 and is situated just off the main Petworth Road (A283) in Church Lane, opposite the White Hart public house. Witley CofE Infant School is opposite the church and has close links with it.

Apart from a regular pattern of worship on Sundays and Holy Days, the church serves the whole parish and after recent refurbishment is available every day for a variety of uses. The door is open in daylight hours for anyone who may wish to spend a quiet few moments or longer in the peace and quiet of this ancient building.

The mission of the church in Witley is to bring the love of God to all who live and work there. The church is open to all people, and here to serve the entire parish. Everyone is welcome at all services and other events and anyone is welcome to use the space in church for their own charitable or social events where appropriate. Click here for more information on using the church for your event.

If you are new to the area you are very welcome! There are a wide range of activities going on around the church that may interest you.

A team of Pastoral Assistants visit the housebound, take Communion to those who can't get to church for whatever reason, and generally help the clergy keep an eye on pastoral needs.

Ann would be pleased to talk with and welcome you. Enjoy the web-site!

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