The Church Organ


William Hill and Son: 1871 and 1889
Hill, Norman and Beard: 1937 and 1965
Last major overhaul (re-leathering, replacement of electrical parts, installation of solid state piston capture system, addition of some new pipework) Percy Daniel & Co.: 1995/6

The console is detached, having three manuals and concave/radiating pedalboard with stop tabs. It is adjacent to the Choir on the north side, with the organ case and pipe chamber in the north transept.
The separation distance is not great, and the organ is quite prompt. Witley is exceptionally lucky to have an organ of such size and quality, generally in good order.

Open Diapason 1 - 8'
Open Diapason 2 - 8'
Claribel Flute - 8'
Principal - 4'
Twelfth - 2 ⅔'
Fifteenth - 2'
Mixture III - 22.26.29

Swell to Great
Choir Sub Octave to Great
Choir to Great

Swell (fully enclosed)
Bourdon (bottom octave from Pedal Bourdon, unenclosed) - 16'
Open Diapason - 8'
Hohl Flute - 8'
Salicional - 8'
Vox Angelica (Ten. C) - 8'
Principal - 4'
Mixture III - 15.19.22
Trumpet - 8'

Swell Sub Octave (couples through couplers)
Swell Octave (couples through couplers)

Lieblich Gedacht - 8'
Dulciana - 8'
Wald Flute - 4'
Cornet II - 12.17

Swell to Choir

Open Diapason - 16'
Bourdon - 16'
Quint (from Bourdon) - 10 ⅔'
Principal (from Great Open Diapason 1) - 8'
Bass Flute (from Bourdon) - 8'
Octave Flute (from Bourdon) - 4'

Choir to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal

6 thumb pistons to Swell, duplicated as pedal pistons
6 thumb pistons to Great
4 thumb pistons to Choir
6 pedal pistons to Pedal
8 general pistons
Reversible thumb piston Swell to Pedal
Reversible thumb piston Choir to Great
Reversible thumb piston Swell to Great
Reversible thumb piston Great to Pedal
Reversible thumb piston Swell to Choir
Reversible pedal piston Swell to Great
Reversible pedal piston Great to Pedal
General Cancel thumb piston
Setter thumb piston for all departmental and general pistons
Great and Pedal Combinations Coupled stop tab
Double Touch Cancelling Off stop tab
Balanced swell pedal to Swell
Solid state piston capture system, eight channels for departmental pistons and eight for general pistons
Key action: electronic/electro-pneumatic
Stop action: electronic/electro-pneumatic
Manual compass 61 notes C to c4
Pedal compass 30 notes C to f1
For the most part, the construction is slider chests with electro-pneumatically operated pallets.