The Witley Magazine

The Witley Magazine - front cover September 2007

The Witley Magazine is published quarterly, with an issue in February, May, August and November.

It is written by and for the people of the parish and beyond. Each issue contains locally sourced articles, notices by local groups and schools, other useful local information, articles on a wide variety of topics and advance notice of future events taking place in Witley or the surrounding area, plus Church News.

If you are not already a subscriber and would like to have the Magazine delivered to your door, or you would like to recieve an electronic copy by email, please call the Parish Office on 01428 681872 and give your name and address.

The next issue will be available in August 2024. The annual subscription is £6 for four printed issues or £5 for four electronic issues. We are able to keep the price down, thanks to our advertisers: you will find a broad range of local services advertised in the Magazine.

If you would like to contribute an article to the Magazine, if you run a local group you want to tell the parish about, or have an event you wish to publicise, please contact Mark Gill at the Parish Office, or by email at